Pandemic Ransomware

Pandemic Ransomware Description

Pandemic Ransomware ScreenshotPandemic Ransomware is associated with the BigLock malware, which is known for performing file encryption actions to hold a PC and certain files for hostage. The hostage situation that Pandemic Ransomware creates is one similar to that of many other recent ransomware threats where a ransom note is display demanding money to supposedly restore or decrypt files that the threat initially encrypted.

The Pandemic name rings as a reverence to the current conditions we are in around the world with the COVID-19 "Pandemic" and hackers have somehow managed to leverage such a term and the actual pandemic in many areas of spreading malware. Otherwise, computer users should be leery of the Pandemic Ransomware, its actions, and its deceptive ransom notes.

This Week In Malware Episode 45 Part 2: Pandemic Ransomware Threat Causes Massive Hysteria Amid COVID-19 'Pandemic'

Threats like Pandemic Ransomware are leveraged by greedy hackers who look to earn a quick payday at the expense of computer users who may make the mistake of opening a malicious spam email attachment that contains threats like Pandemic Ransomware.

The remedy for threats like Pandemic Ransomware may not be to pay the ransom, but instead, eliminate Pandemic Ransomware using an antimalware tool and then seeking a recent system backup to restore files that it may have left encrypted.

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