'PancakeSwap AirDrop' Pop-Up Scam

'PancakeSwap AirDrop' Pop-Up Scam Description

The surge in popularity that crypto-coins have enjoyed in the past several years also has resulted in numerous tactics that have tried to take advantage of it. The 'PancakeSwap AirDrop' is just such a tactic. It is a dubious website that tries to lure people in with promises of a crypto giveaway.

The specific tactic scenario that the site is running is a dubious giveaway. It promises that users will receive 45 PancakeSwap (CAKE) tokens upon connecting their digital crypto-wallets to it. The sum is substantial, at around $800, but the exchange rate of cryptocurrencies is extremely volatile and it can swing wildly both up and down. Furthermore, sites that promise to freely distribute such sums should not be trusted. Usually, they request a small contribution to be made first but after that, the fraudsters do not send the promised tokens.

As we said, there are countless websites that run crypto-related tactics similar to the
'PancakeSwap AirDrop' pop-up scam. Some examples include 'BTC giveaway,' 'Ripple giveaway' and more. Users should not get tempted by the lucrative promises of con artists. Use your common sense and limit the potential of incurring financial losses by trusting dubious websites.

The text displayed on the 'PancakeSwap AirDrop' pop-up scam's page is:

PancakeSwap Airdrop ( Ending Sunday )
Claim your 45 CAKE right now

Connect your wallet to get 45 PancakeSwap (CAKE) tokens for free in our airdrop

Claim -> Swap Liquidity -> Bridge

Trade tokens in an instant
You have to connect a wallet before you can select a currency


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