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OutCrypt Ransomware

By GoldSparrow in Ransomware

The OutCrypt Ransomware belongs to the crypto locker family of malware threats, but due to some of the rather weird characteristics of the version detected by cybersecurity experts, it may be considered to either be incomplete or in a test phase. Unfortunately, for the victims of this nasty piece of malware, that doesn't mean that they will be able to recover their files easily.

Once OutCrypt Ransomware infiltrates the user's computer, it will start encrypting the most common file types with a strong encryption algorithm, which renders them inaccessible. The OutCrypt Ransomware targets image, video, audio, pdf, ppt, css, xlx, html, text, document, and database files, and adds "_out" as a new extension to their original names. While one of the main intent of every ransomware threat out there is to remain hidden while it carries out it's nefarious programming, the OutCrypt Ransomware forgoes all notions of subtlety and presents its victims with a command prompt window that shows each and every file being encrypted in real-time proudly.

Furthermore, the reason that the current version of this particular ransomware threat is considered incomplete is that it doesn't leave a ransom note in any form or form on the encrypted computer. This means that unfortunate victims have no way of contacting the cybercriminals, not to mention paying any ransom for the decryption of the files.

As a result, all PC users affected by the OutCrypt Ransomware have few options available to them. The best you can do to handle the issue is to remove the threat by using legitimate anti-malware programs and have a previously created backup to restore the locked data.


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