Ourhypewords.com is another website dedicated to the proliferation of a popular browser-based tactic. Like all other countless pages that perform the same scheme, Ourhypewords.com also attempts to trick visitors into subscribing to its push notification services. 

The typical methods employed by such untrustworthy pages include pretending to run a CAPTCHA check, stating that an unspecified file is now ready for download, or that a video will become available. All of the presented messages will urge users to click the 'Allow' button. Ourhypewords.com is not an exception but in some cases, it may be a bit more honest showing messages like:

'Click the 'Allow' button to subscribe to the push notifications and continue watching'

The goal of the site is to then abuse its newly-received permissions to generate intrusive advertisements on the device. The advertising materials may take different forms and could lead to shady or outright compromised pages where users may be subjected to various online tactics, phishing pages, portals spreading PUPs and more. 

Usually, all that you need to do to stop pages like Ourhypewords.com from interfering with your browsing experience is to revoke their permissions. You can do that from your Web browser's Settings menu. 


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