Threat Database Adware may sound like a site offering some steamy content. However, that is just a ruse. The real goal of this page is to trick users into subscribing to its push notification services. This particular tactic has been extremely popular among unscrupulous people and countless sites virtually indistinguishable from have already been placed on the Internet. Users who fall for the misleading messages find themselves on the receiving end of an intrusive advertising campaign while the sites generate monetary gains for their creators., in particular, relies on the curiosity of its visitors. It displays a supposed video that is being unable to play currently. To access the usually non-existent content, users are left with a variation of the following message:

'Please Press Allow to Continue Watch!'

Following the instruction, and pressing the button, would grant the site all of the browser permissions it needs to carry out its nefarious goals. The immediate effect following the appearance of the unwanted advertisements would be a severely diminished browsing experience. Users should exercise caution though. The advertisements also may contain bait materials. Clicking on them might trigger a forced redirect to untrustworthy third-party pages. These normally include other deceptive websites that might be running phishing schemes, 'get-rich-quick' hoaxes, offers for dubious PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs), etc.

To stop the activities of would require more than just closing the affected browser. Users will need to go to the 'Permissions' or 'Notifications' menu, depending on their particular browser, locate the con Web page, and then revoke everything that has been granted to it unwillingly.


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