Oundoutth.biz is a dubious page designed to deliver questionable content to its visitors, as well as to conduct a popular browser-based scam. It should be noted that there are countless questionable websites virtually identical to Oundoutth.biz but for users to land on them willingly is extremely rare. In nearly all cases, users are taken to such places as part of the activity of a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) that has managed to sneak itself onto their computer systems. 

Upon landing on Oundoutth.biz, the page will either proceed to open several other similarly questionable websites or display dubious content within its own page. The exact behavior is determined based on the geolocation and IP of the specific visitor. At the same time, Oundoutth.biz has been observed to carry out a push notification tactic. The site will attempt to trick users into subscribing to its notification services through misleading and deceptive alert or warning messages. 

The most popular scenario among these deceiving websites is to pretend to be carrying out a captcha check for bots. Oundoutth.biz, however, relies on a different tactic - users will be presented with a video that appears to be buffering. Right below it, Oundoutth.biz will prominently display the following message:

'Press tap the allow button to continue'

Doing so will only lead to the user's device being flooded with intrusive and unwanted notification and advertising materials. The ads could redirect to unsafe domains spreading additional adware, browser hijackers or other types of PUPs. 

If you have are being redirected to Oundoutth.biz or any similar websites frequently, it is recommended to use a professional anti-malware solution to clean your system from any potential PUPs that might be lurking on it.


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