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Osnoed Ransomware

The Osnoed Ransomware, also known as Osno Ransomware, is a crypto locker that, according to infosec researchers, is a newly discovered variant based on the Babax Stealer. The Osnoed Ransomware employs encryption algorithms to lock the targeted users from their computers effectively. Files encrypted by the Osnoed Ransomware will become inaccessible and will have '.osnoed'attached to their original filenames as a new extension.

Unlike its progenitor, the Osnoed Ransomware doesn't provide its victims with a ransom note. Instead, a file named Osno Decryptor.exe is executed, resulting in the screen of the computer system becoming locked. A 24-hour countdown will be presented on the screen, accompanied by a field where a decryption code is supposed to be entered. The problem is that without any means of contact, such as an email address or a link to a website with a chat function, victims of the Osnoed Ransomware are left with very few options.

The best possible outcome is if the affected users have access to a backup that was created before the ransomware threat had infiltrated their device. The backup could be used to restore the encrypted data, but only after a reputable anti-malware solution has been used to scan and remove all traces of the Osnoed Ransomware.


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