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The OriginalTechSearch application may market itself as a useful tool for your Mac computer, but rest assured that this is not the case, certainly. Malware analysts have listed the OriginalTechSearch application as adware.

In case you are not sure how the OriginalTechSearch application ended up on your Mac, it is likely that you have agreed to install it unknowingly. The OriginalTechSearch application appears to sneak into users' systems by pretending to be an Adobe Flash Player update. Another common propagation method is free software bundles. Users who are looking for a specific free application for their Macs often end up installing more tools and utilities than they suspect. This is because they fail to pay attention to the details while installing software on their systems. This is what developers of adware count on. Having adware on your Mac is very frustrating. The OriginalTechSearch application will make sure to plant countless advertisements on the pages you are visiting. This is likely to prevent you from accessing all the content of the site since some of the banners and pop-ups displayed by the OriginalTechSearch application may end up overlaying crucial parts of the website. Apart from large banners and annoying pop-up windows, the OriginalTechSearch application is likely to display hyperlinks in text, as well as various alerts. Needless to say, such an increase in the advertisements you view is likely to impact your browsing quality negatively. Not to mention that the products and services promoted via adware like the OriginalTechSearch application tend to be of low quality and dubious origin.

If you want to remove the OriginalTechSearch application, as well as any other PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) from your Mac, you should trust a reputable anti-malware utility that will take care of your system.


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