Threat Database Adware 'Order Error' Email Scam

'Order Error' Email Scam

The 'Order Error' email scam is a corrupted spam email campaign that has been detected by infosec experts. The operations include the dissemination of thousands of corrupted emails that act as bait designed to lure unsuspecting users into opening a corrupted website, in most cases a phishing webpage.

The emails from this particular campaign are crafted to appear as a payment dispute. The fake sender acts as a customer who tried to buy something from the user's shop but failed due to the card getting declined. Then, the supposed buyer claims that their bank account has been charged mistakenly and now they demand to be refunded. As proof of their claims, a link to an alleged bank statement is provided in the emails. The exact email received by the user may differ slightly such as the title of the tactic email could be a variation of either 'Order error and funds withdrawn' or 'Purchase malfunction and funds withdrawn' while the money that the fake buyer claims to have lost could ranging from $149 to $337. What users should keep in mind, however, is that none of the claims made in the emails are true.

On the contrary, the only purpose of these tactic emails is to trick the user into clicking the provided link. Doing so represents a serious security risk - tactic email campaigns can lead to compromised sites delivering malware threats or to dedicated phishing pages that scrape all of the info that users input. The hackers can then use the misappropriated credentials to take over vital user accounts and access sensitive information.


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