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Adware programs targeting Mac computers are becoming more and more common nowadays. Many OSX users still falsely believe that their systems are impenetrable to malware and any other unwanted programs. However, this false sense of security only makes them more vulnerable to conmen online.

One of the latest examples of Mac-compatible adware is the OptimumSearch utility. This application may appear as a tool that serves to enhance the results of the user’s online search queries. We can assure you that this is not the case, and the OptimumSearch program will not enhance your browsing quality in any shape or form most certainly. The only goal of the OptimumSearch utility is to plant advertisements on every Web page you launch. To make matters worse, the advertisements affiliated with the activity of the OptimumSearch tool, are not trustworthy. Adware programs often promote low-quality products and overpriced services, so you are better off ignoring them. The advertisements spawned by the OptimumSearch utility may be in the shape of banners, pop-ups, hyperlinks, alerts, etc. Some of the advertisements may not be placed correctly and may, therefore, prevent you from accessing all the content on the site.

If you suspect that you have adware installed on your Mac, you should use a legitimate anti-virus software suite to locate and eliminate it safely and swiftly.

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