OptimalSync is yet another Possibly Unwanted Program (PUP) dedicated to the promotion of the fake search engine safefinder.com.

One of the popular ways of distribution employed by PUPs is called 'bundling.' It entails the inclusion of the unwanted program's installation to be a somewhat hidden part of the installation process of another more popular free application. As a consequence, there may be some users that may not even know that they have agreed with the installation of another application on their computers. The consequences become evident almost immediately, though, as the homepage, new page tab, and the default search engine of the user's browser will be changed to suit a specific browser hijacker's agenda.

In OptimalSync's case, it sets the browser to open safefinder.com, a search engine that is incapable of producing any search results on its own. That is why any search query initiated by the user is redirected through search.yahoo.com.

It is not recommended to keep OptimalSync and any similar applications on your computer. PUPs are capable of injecting third-party advertisements into the search results they display. More importantly, some can even track the user's data and send it to their developers.


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