Threat Database Mac Malware OperativeDesktop


OperativeDesktop is the name of a dodgy application that is designed to target Mac computers. The creators of this utility promote it as an application that will enhance the user’s browsing quality. Unfortunately, this is not the case. The purpose of the OperativeDesktop application is to change your default search aggregator and replace it with an affiliated search engine.

If you install the OperativeDesktop application on your Mac, it will make sure to gain persistence on your system by creating a new ‘Device Profile’ and a new ‘Launch Daemon.’ Then, the OperativeDesktop application will change your Web browser’s settings to set up a third-party search aggregator as default. This aids the search engine affiliated with the OperativeDesktop utility in generating traffic and revenue. The OperativeDesktop application also may inject advertisements on the websites that you visit, which may result in a spike in the number of advertisements that you view when you browse the Web.

It is best to remove the OperativeDesktop application from your computer. Since doing so manually may be rather tricky, it is advisable to use the assistance of a genuine anti-virus utility.


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