Oossautsid.com is yet another rogue website that is virtually identical to the myriad of similar websites, all created with the sole purpose of delivering questionable content to users. The exact behavior of Oossautsid.com is determined based on the visitor's geolocation. To assess this factor, the deceiving website accesses the user's IP address. It then decides if the user is going to be redirected to other untrustworthy pages or Oossautsid.com itself will display the promoted content.

In addition, these websites also proliferate a popular browser-based tactic. By showing misleading or deceptive clickbait messages, the sites try to lure visitors into subscribing to the push notification services of that particular site. To hide their true intentions, the fraudsters employ numerous scenarios with the most popular being to pretend to conduct a fake CAPTCHA check for bots. Oossautsid.com, however, uses a different lure - it shows a video that is buffering currently with the following message displayed underneath it prominently:

'Click the 'Allow' button to subscribe to the push notification and continue watching'

Users who follow the instructions will soon be subjected to an intrusive advertising campaign. The unwanted ads will continue to appear even if the affected browser itself has been shut down. It is recommended to abstain from engaging with any of the presented ad materials, as they could redirect you to unsafe or questionable third-party websites.


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