Oopukrecku.com Description

Users who land on the Oopukrecku.com site will be shown misleading and deceptive messages that will try to convince them to press an 'Allow' button. This is a particularly popular browser-based tactic, and countless websites proliferating it have already been put on the Internet. However, the trend doesn't appear to be slowing down and even more hoax pages are popping into existence daily.

When unsuspecting visitors click the button they subscribe to that site's push notification services. What this means in practice, is that a questionable page will receive the necessary browser permissions to begin generating unwanted advertisements. As a result, the user experience on the device could be impacted greatly.

Hoax pages such as Oopukrecku.com show various deceptive scenarios that hide their true purpose. For example, the most widely used scheme is to pretend to run a CAPTCHA check for bots. However, in this case, users also may be presented with a video window accompanied by the following message:

'Press 'Allow' to watch the video'

Keep in mind that it is extremely unlikely for anyone to open Oopukrecku.com or any of the other nearly identical hoax pages willingly. So, if you notice an abnormal amount of redirects to questionable sites, it may be a good idea to scan your device for any PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs). PUPs are known for spreading via underhanded methods designed to hide their installation from the attention of the user specifically.