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Threat Scorecard

Ranking: 2,698
Threat Level: 20 % (Normal)
Infected Computers: 7,469
First Seen: May 15, 2022
Last Seen: September 25, 2023
OS(es) Affected: Windows

Users encountering the page should use caution. After all, the site was created to propagate a popular browser-based tactic and to cause unwanted redirects. It should be noted that the Internet is rife with websites virtually identical to They operate by showing various misleading and clickbait messages designed to convince users to press the displayed 'Allow' button. Doing so enables the push notifications of that particular site.

One of the most widely abused scenarios involves the untrustworthy pages trying to imitate a CAPTCHA check. They will attempt to create the impressions that users need to press the button to prove that they are not robots and supposedly gain access to the site's content. Depending on the certain factors, users may also be presented with other equally as deceptive messages, such as:

'Click 'Allow' to confirm that you are not a robot!'

'Press 'Allow' to watch video'

'Click 'Allow' to download'

If successful in its scheme, will be able to deliver intrusive and unwanted advertisements to users. The advertisements could utilize similar tactics and may promote additional untrustworthy destinations (hoax websites, fake giveaways, phishing portals, etc.). Upon clicking 'Allow' on, users also will trigger a redirect to a site at domainxnewma(dot)com. This questionable page provides users with a link to download an unspecified file that could potentially be unsafe.

URLs may call the following URLs:


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