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Onim Ransomware

The Onim Ransomware a new malware threat that has been released by cybercriminals. It is designed to sneak onto the user's computer system, start an encryption process that will lock the files stored on the device, and then extort the victims for money. Due to the uncrackable encryption algorithm employed by the Onim Ransomware, the hackers are the only ones who possess the decryption key and software tool needed to restore the locked files.

When the Onim Ransomware finishes encrypting a file, it appends a new extension - '.aes,' to that file's original name. When the entire encryption routine is completed, the threat drops a ransom note with instructions for its victims. The full version of the ransom note will be contained inside text files named 'Readme.txt,' while a shortened version will be displayed in an image that will be placed as new Desktop background.

The hackers responsible for unleashing the Onim Ransomware want to receive the sum of $300 payable in Monero coins. At the current price of the cryptocurrency, the ransom amounts to 1.35 XМР (Мonero coins). To get the cryptowallet address where the money is supposed to be transferred, victims of the Onim Ransomware are supposed to initiate communication through the provided email addresses - ',' ',' '' The message must contain the unique ID that can be found within the ransom note.

The full text of the Onim Ransomware's note is:

'Oops your files encrypted by Onim 1.4 Ransomware!

Can i decrypt my files?

Sure, you can.

What should i do for decrypt my files?

1.  Buy $300 in monero.

2.  Email us:




3  You will be issued a wallet.

4  Send us your id and buy key...

How decrypt files?


Don't trust antivirus companies,

only we have decryptor

Ok. You buy decryptor and should you do?

Run Decryptor as Administrator

Wait message with text:

"Files Decrypted".

I haven't got some money.

Contact us and follow instructions.

I start Decryptor, but it doesnt start!

Turn off your Antivirus and try again.

You  encrypt my files in AES,  i can decrypt their!

No, you can't. We use military grade Key.

Mail doesnt work, what should i do?

Contact us with reserve email.


Your  id key:

The instructions displayed in the Dekstop wallpaper are:

Your files encrypted by onim!!!

What should i do?

1.Buy 300$ in monero.

2.Email us:

3. You will be issued a wallet.

4, Send us Your id and Pay Key...

Don't trust antivirus companies, only we have Decryptor !!!'

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