Threat Database Browser Hijackers is a rogue website that displays dubious content to its visitors. It also proliferates a popular browser-based tactic where the site tries to lure users into subscribing to its push notifications via deceptive and clickbait messages. Keep in mind that there are countless websites out there dedicated to the same tactic and more are popping into existence almost daily.

The exact behavior of may be based on specific factors, such as the user's geolocation but overall it follows the typical structure of this scheme. It displays a colorful image accompanied by a message similar to:

'Click Allow to confirm you are not robot'

The implication is that that the page is carrying out a CAPTCHA check. Unbeknownst to the user, following the instruction and clicking the button will grant various browser permissions to the hoax page. These permissions will be abused subsequently so that the site can generate monetary gains for its operators via an intrusive advertising campaign. 

Users will notice a significant increase in the advertisements they encounter while browsing. In some cases, the advertisements may continue to appear even if the affected browser itself has been shut down. It is recommended to approach the advertisements with caution, as they may employ similarly deceitful tactics and lead to suspicious or unsafe third-party sites.


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