Threat Database Mac Malware OdysseusLookup


OdyssesusLookup is the name of a dodgy application that is compatible with Mac computers only. This application may claim to enhance users' browsing quality, but this is not the case. If you did not remember installing the OdyssesusLookup application on your Mac, it is likely that it was delivered via a free software bundle, a misleading advertisement or a bogus software download.

When you install the OdyssesusLookup application, you may notice a change in your Web browser. This is because the shady application is designed to change your Web browser's configurations to set up affiliated websites as your default new tab page and default search aggregator. The OdyssesusLookup application achieves this by setting up a 'Device Profile' for itself, which allows it to apply changes to the host's settings.

The OdyssesusLookup utility is considered to be a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program), and it is advised to remove it from your Mac. The removal can be done manually, or you can use the services of a reputable anti-malware suite compatible with your computer.


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