Oataltaul.com Description

Type: Adware

Oaltaltaul.com is yet another untrustworthy site that relies on misleading messages to trick users into subscribing to its push notification services. This particular browser-based tactic continues to be rather popular among unscrupulous site creators, with more and more pages proliferating it popping into existence almost daily.

The deceptive scenarios employed by these sites may vary. Some pretend to be doing a CAPTCHA check, others claim that a file is now ready for download or that by following the instructions users be able to watch a displayed video. No matter what the exact form of the scheme is, the shown messages always urge visitors to click the 'Allow' button. Oataltaul.com is not an exception.

But what do these sites do with the browser permissions they strive to obtain via such underhanded tactics? Well, the answer is quite simple - run an intrusive advertising campaign via the affected browser and generate monetary gains for their operators in the process. Indeed, users will notice a significant increase in the advertising materials they encounter while browsing. The advertisements could take numerous forms - pop-ups, banners, in-text links, and more, and when clicked may redirect to suspicious third-party websites. 

This particular tactic is not considered to be threatening, but you should still stop it as soon as possible. Typically, all that is needed is to navigate to your browser's 'Notification' or 'Permissions' settings and revoke everything that you have granted to the Oataltaul.com page unwillingly. 

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