NTAppHelper is a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) that is targeting Mac users. The application relies on deceptive marketing methods designed to hide its installation process from the attention of the user. One of the popular techniques employed by such PUPs is called 'bundling' - the dubious application is added as a preselected option and as a part of the installation of another, more popular software. A similar method sees the PUP hidden inside a fake application installer or updater. NTAppHelper has been associated with an app named 'Tracker Package.'

The main functionality of NTAppHelper appears to be that of a browser hijacker. The user's Web browser will have its settings modified to open a dubious search engine. Furthermore, the PUP will prevent any other changes to these settings, while it is present on the system. Browser hijackers usually promote fake or questionable search engines. It is not uncommon for these engines to lack the functionality required to produce any search results completely. Instead, they intercept the user search query and redirect it to a legitimate search engine such as Yahoo, Bing or Chrome. 

While browser hijackers are not regarded as serious threats, NTAppHelper is an exception. It appears that this application also has been equipped with keylogging capabilities. Users have reported being pestered with requests to allow the application to receive keystrokes from other applications. Doing so may lead to serious consequences for the user. NTAppHelper could be able to obtain sensitive information such as banking, payment or credit/debit card details. The application also may harvest account credentials or other private information. It is recommended to download a professional anti-malware solution, run a scan, and remove all detected PUPs immediately. 


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