By GoldSparrow in Malware

This April is been a prolific month for malware creators targeting Brazil since there is another banking malware trying to take advantage of vulnerabilities and other methods to spread malware to collect online banking information of unsuspecting computer users. This malware called NovaLoader is written in Delphi, uses the VBS language and is delivered in more than one stage. Once inside the computer, NovaLoader will look for a virtual environment. If NovaLoader finds it, its activities will stop. When NovaLoader collects the banking account details, it can prevent the victims from accessing their bank accounts so that it can perform any action it wants.

Malware is a file or program that can cause harm to the computer user, and NovaLoader is one of the most harmful of them. A bank account attack can result in countless consequences and even destroy the lives of its victims. However, although not 100% effectual, there are ways to prevent to be infected by malware, spyware and other threats, which is to have a security software guarding your machine.

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