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NominatusCrypt Ransomware

The NominatusCrypt Ransomware is a variant of a previously identified, threatening malware known as EvilNominatus. However, the threat is still capable of causing significant damage to the infected systems by running an encryption routine with a strong cryptographic algorithm. As a result, victims of the NomunatusCrypt will no longer be able to use or open their documents, pictures, photos, archives, databases and many other file types.

Unlike most ransomware threats, the NominatusCrypt leaves the names of the locked files completely intact. A ransom note with instructions is delivered to the victims as a new pop-up window. Reading the hackers' message reveals some rather curious demands. For example, the attackers claim that victims have 2 options to receive a decryptor software that could potentially restore their data.

First, the hackers want their victims to do their work for them, by spreading NominatusCrypt to three additional systems and sending proof of it. In addition, a ransom of $100 also must be paid. Alternatively, the affected users may send various sensitive and confidential data to the cybercriminals behind NominatusCrypt, such as account credentials, usernames, passwords, etc.

The ransom note provides a single email address ('') as a potential communication channel. However, users are strongly advised to avoid contacting cybercriminals. Doing so is inherently risky and could lead to additional security concerns.

The full text of NominatusCrypt Ransomware's message is:

'All Files has been Encrypted and cannot be decrypted without paying the ransom to the developer. You became Victim of NominatusCrypt Ransomware!

How Can i Decrypt my Files?
if you try to escape we will leave your files encrypted forever!
some people think ComboCleaner can decrypt your files but thats not true!, theres no way to crack AES encryption algorithm!! if you install it you will make a big mistake because the decryptor is in this ransomware if combo cleaner remove it… then we can't decrypt your files!
2 ways to decrypt your files:

1- Spread this ransomware to 3 users
( NOTE: They need to EXECUTE the ransomware )
then send a proof screenshot to the Creator of this Ransomware and Pay 100$ ( hacker will tell you how to pay )

2- send your private informations instead of paying the ransom.
for example your passwords your email address your location your phone number and more ( hacker will tell you what information )

Developer Mail Address =

Live or Die
Make your choice now.

Nominatus Data Invaders 2021-2022'


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