NitroHack Description

The NitroHack malware is a brand-new threat that targets the popular instant messaging application Discord. This application has grown in popularity over the years and has over 250 million users currently. The Discord messaging application has been the target of countless cybercrooks worldwide due to its popularity and some flaws in its design. Among the earliest threats that targeted the Discord application is the AnarchyGrabber infostealer. From then on, many conmen built tools similar to the AnarchyGrabber that target the Discord utility.

The NitroHack malware is being distributed via bogus copies of the Discord application. These fraudulent versions of the messaging application would claim that they would unlock the Nitro features of Discord. Since users who want to enable the Nitro features to need to pay for a subscription, it is likely that the NitroHack threat may mislead many users into installing the fake copy in the hopes of getting Discord Nitro for free. The NitroHack malware modifies the Discord application during the installation process and allows it to operate as an infostealer.

The NitroHack threat appears to target data such as payment details saved on the Discord application, tokens used by the desktop utility, and tokens used by the browser variant of the application. For now, the NitroHack malware does not appear to target data stored by any other applications. However, in the future, it may change if the authors of the threat opt to expand the capabilities of the NitroHack malware. The NitroHack malware would send a spam message to all the users on the contacts list of the victim to spread further.

To remove the unsafe components of the NitroHack threat, you should install a reputable anti-malware application and scan your PC. However, to fully remove the threat from your system, you should uninstall the fake copy of Discord from your system and install the legitimate version of the application from the website of the official vendors.