Nihay Description

Nihay is a C# download-and-execute tool, which belongs to the MuddyWater criminal group and is used, like other RATs and tools, to collect information from governmental targets based in the Middle East. The developers of the RATs and tools used by MuddyWater are using very confusing and deceptive tactics on their codes, such as foreign words on its strings and also have tried to pose as another Saudi criminal group named RXR Saudi Arabia.

Muddy Water attacks using tools like Nihay have been performed against Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Lebanon, Turkey Jodan and Iraq, besides neighbor countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan and Azerbaijan. What makes it possible for MuddyWater to change its targets so easily is the high adaptability of the devices it uses. Although the U.S.A isn't on the list of the countries targeted by MuddyWater, there's nothing preventing this group from to start attacking American entities in the near future. Therefore, attention and strong security measures are more necessary than ever.