Pop-Ups Pop-Ups Description belongs to the group of misleading websites that use fake virus warnings to scare their visitors into downloading and installing a promoted application. In most cases, such pages are used in the distribution of PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) that act as adware, browser hijackers or both.

Infosec researchers have observed that uses three different schematic scenarios. In general, the fake scares and virus warnings remain identical but the promoted application is different. One offers users to install a VPN client, another prompts a supposed anti-virus software, while the third claims that the user's private data has been collected by the non-existent threat. is specifically used to promote the VPN Service by the VeePN application.

Users should keep in mind that although the pages proliferating these tactics are designed to appear as legitimate as possible, no site can perform malware scans on its own. Furthermore, even if the promoted application is legitimate, you should still get it from the respective official app store and not through a suspicious site that you happened to land on.