Type: Adware is one of the many rogue websites with no useful content. It tries to trick visitors into enabling its pop-ups by claiming that the visitor needs to enable the notifications to see the content. In some other cases, the site claims that allowing notifications is required “to assure that you’re not a bot.”

These are well-known deceptive techniques, and in any of the scenarios, it is recommended to skip the page and search for the content you are looking for on other safe and reliable websites.

Users do not visit intentionally. The pop-ups that lead to that page are typically generated by an adware program installed on the computer. In that specific situation, the adware causes the pop-ups to appear on the user’s screen intrusively. Such advertisements do not produce additional earnings per single promotion but boost the profits per single victim by showing an excessive number of advertisements within a given period. You can safely assume that all elements displayed by pop-ups are useless and potentially harmful since no legit companies would use such advertising strategies. Clicking on any of the advertisements may risk your cyber security and your personal and financial data.

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