Description is a dubious website that propagates a popular online tactic. Its goal is to trick visitors into subscribing to its push notification services. Afterward, the site can abuse the new-acquired browser permissions to run an intrusive advertising campaign, and generate monetary gains for its creators. It should be noted that isn't an isolated occurrence. There are countless deceiving websites already put on the Internet that operate in a nearly identical manner to carry out the same tactic.

When landing on, users will be presented with a video window but they will not be able to play it. Those curious to access the content might decide to follow the instructions provided by the page:

'Click Allow to watch the video'

This is just a clickbait technique, though. If is successful, it will begin to deliver equally as untrustworthy advertisements to the screen of the affected device. Closing the browser will have no impact at this point, as the advertisements will continue to appear. To stop the activity of the con page, users will have to revoke the permissions they granted it unwittingly. Usually, this can be achieved via the 'Permissions' or 'Notifications' menu, depending on your browser.