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Adware programs used to be a pest that targets Windows systems almost exclusively. However, this is no longer the case as a growing number of adware programs are expanding their reach and targeting Mac computers. One of the latest examples of adware that goes after OSX systems is the NetEmpireSearch utility.

At first, the NetEmpireSearch tool may appear as an application that is designed to enhance the search results of users’ queries. Unfortunately, this is not the case. The NetEmpireSearch adware program is likely to sneak into your system by pretending to be a Flash Player update. The NetEmpireSearch utility serves only to inject advertisements on the websites that users visit. This is guaranteed to become a nuisance quickly, as the NetEmpireSearch adware program will become placing advertisements in various shapes and forms – banners, alerts, pop-up windows, in-text advertisements, etc. Such a large amount of advertisements will likely distract you from the content of the website and, therefore, negatively impact your browsing quality. advertisements spawned by adware programs like the NetEmpireSearch utility are likely to be pushing dodgy products and low-quality, overly expensive services, so it is advisable to ignore them.

If you have installed the NetEmpireSearch tool on your system, it is advisable to remove it by using a reputable anti-virus application.


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