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The Nav virus is an Extreme Threat to Your Computer's Security

The Nav virus is an executable file, named Nav.exe. This virus is designed to target computer systems using any kind of the Windows operating system. Most Nav virus infections are a result of a fake Windows update from Microsoft, usually downloaded from a third-party website. This is why ESG security researchers strongly recommend only downloading software updates directly from the manufacturer's website. The Nav.exe virus has also been known to be spread by a variety of computer worms, particularly the RBOT-IV Worm. Criminals use these two methods of distribution to cause a large number of computers all around the world to become infected with the Nav virus in a short time. As part of Nav.exe virus' installation process, the Nav virus creates a backdoor into the infected computer system. This backdoor, like most remote access tools, can be accessed with the IRC (Internet Relay Chat) protocol. This backdoor is a dangerous component of Nav.exe virus that makes Nav.exe virus particularly worrisome. When removing Nav virus, ESG PC security researchers also recommend finding and removing any backdoors created into the infected computer system. These pose a significant security breach that may be exploited by other malware threats.

Problems Associated with a Nav.exe virus Infection

The Nav.exe virus changes important values in the Windows Registry and to your computer settings. These may cause your computer system to behave erratically. They may also significantly decrease your computer system's performance. However, the Nav.exe virus is designed to be undetectable or to, at least, be as innocuous as possible. This is because criminals use Nav.exe virus as a way to install keyloggers, spyware or remote access tools through the backdoor Nav virus creates. These kinds of malware infections work best when the user is completely unaware of their presence on the infected computer. This is why ESG PC security researchers strongly recommend scanning your computer system regularly with a legitimate anti-malware tool. A Nav.exe virus infection is usually only the first sign of a potentially damaging malware attack. A criminal may use the backdoor that results from a Nav.exe virus infection to control your computer system from afar, steal your credit card and online banking information, access your online accounts or turn your computer into a node in a vast network of infected computers.

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