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'NASA ETH and BTC' Giveaway Scam

The website claiming that it is running a 'NASA ETH and BTC' giveaway is nothing more than another con page aimed at crypto enthusiasts. To appear as legitimate as possible, the hoax page features the NASA logo prominently and even mentions the agency's administrator and American politician and attorney Bill Nelson by name. Of course, neither NASA nor Mr. Nelson has anything to do with this scheme.

To lure users in, the site claims to be carrying out a crypto-coin distribution, where it will double the number of coins that users invest. Apparently, there are a total of 50,000 ETH (Ethereum) and 500 BTC (Bitcoin) coins to be delivered via this non-existent giveaway.

On the main page of the scheme, users have to pick between Ethereum and Bitcoin, depending on which cryptocurrency they prefer. After clicking the corresponding button, a mostly identical page will appear. Here, users must input the amount they wish to invest. According to the listed rules, users may enter the giveaway only once. Users can send between 1 and 500 ETH and 0.1 to 10BTC to the con artists. At the current prices of the cryptocurrencies, these amounts equal $2600 to $1.3 million in ETH and $3800 to $380,000 in BTC.

People that fail to notice that this offer is simply too good to be true and send any amount of coins to the fraudsters will not get anything in return. They will simply incur significant monetary losses and getting any of their funds back could be next to impossible.


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