Description is a search website that is associated with the 'My Search Results' toolbar. This is a web browser add-on that supposedly allows computer users to carry out online searches in a way that is more effective than a normal search engine. This search toolbar is usually part of a default installation of many freeware programs, such as audio format converters and PDF creators. However, there are various characteristics of the website and its associated toolbar that have PC users reporting issues. Some of these characteristics include the following:

  • The toolbar cannot be removed through normal means. Attempting to remove this toolbar from the web browser add-ons menu or from the Add/Remove Programs panel in the Windows Control Panel will simply result in a crash, an error message, or in this toolbar being reinstalled automatically without the computer user's authorization.
  • The toolbar makes unauthorized changes to the computer system's settings and Windows Registry. These may include changing the web browser's homepage to, allowing it to start up automatically when loading Windows, and giving it the capacity to start and stop file processes, cause browser redirects, or affect how your computer system connects to the Internet.
  • Perhaps the most alarming aspect of is the fact that is related to dangerous browser hijackers. These kinds of malware infections take over the victim's web browser and force it to visit and other similar websites repeatedly. is Associated with Browser Hijackers is a search engine that is associated with browser hijackers. While very good alternatives exist (such as Google or Yahoo), criminals ensure that computer users visit repeatedly with the help of a browser hijacker. A browser hijacker changes search result links on legitimate search engines so that they lead the victim to the website instead of to the website corresponding to that search result. While the actual website is not particularly dangerous, the malware that criminals use to force computer users to visit can be very intrusive and difficult to remove. If your web browser is forcing you to visit repeatedly, ESG security analysts recommend using a reliable anti-malware program to delete browser hijackers from your computer system.