Ads Ads Description is a suspicious blank website that offers nothing but a pop-up prompting you to agree to get notifications. Other than that bare-bones message, provides no further details whatsoever. Since you have no way of knowing what those notifications will offer, you may be better off giving them a miss.

If you happen to visit’s homepage, you will see a small pop-up telling you that wants to show notifications, i.e. bring various links and adverts to your attention. Although there's no guarantee that the latter is real, the pop-up features both an "Allow" and a "Block" button. What's for real is that clicking the "Allow" button does set the wheels in motion, and you'll start receiving loads of them. Some will redirect you to adult-content sites. Others will lead you to malware-laden URLs. Still, others may land you on sponsored software product pages and so on. All in all, is very likely to bring you to places you would not usually see in your everyday Web browsing activity.

You may have landed on as a result of a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) you may have installed earlier inadvertently. Many adware tools and browser hijackers reach thousands of PCs when bundled with other popular software offered on shady sites. Chances are, you may have got such a PUP without even realizing it, and that PUP may have opened the URL for you. Of course, you may choose to close it, although it may keep showing up repeatedly nonetheless.

To ensure that you never have to deal with intrusive URLs such as, you only need to follow two simple rules. First, always download software from the official website of the respective vendor. Thus, you will not be dealing with any third-party software bundles containing the program you want. Second, do not underestimate the benefits of reputable anti-malware solutions whose job is to intervene whenever a PUP or a more severe threat tries to reach you.