MyInfotopia Description

MyInfotopia is a PUP, or Potentially Unwanted Program, that may affect the most popular Web browsers on the Windows operating system. MyInfotopia has been observed to affect Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. The purpose of MyInfotopia is to generate advertisement revenue by forcing computer users to view or click on advertising content. There are several tactics used to do this, including browser redirects and forcing the affected Web browser to display a constant stream of pop-up advertisements. One particular worrying aspect of MyInfotopia is that despite the fact that MyInfotopia is not considered a threat, its browser redirects and pop-ups may expose your Web browser to potentially unreliable content. Because of this, malware researchers consider that MyInfotopia and similar PUPs do present a threat to your computer, although not as severe as recognized threats such as Trojans or worms. MyInfotopia and similar PUPs should be removed from the affected computer at once to prevent exposure to potentially unsafe online content.

The Subtle Distribution Methods of MyInfotopia

The most common way in which MyInfotopia is distributed is by bundling MyInfotopia with low quality software. When a free program from a low quality download website is installed, the option to install MyInfotopia and other PUPs may be concealed from the computer user. This results in the installation of MyInfotopia, which may appear on the computer. This has led to many computer users incorrectly assuming that MyInfotopia is a threat, despite the fact that careful installation of freeware applications lets computer users opt out of installing MyInfotopia and similar programs. As soon as MyInfotopia is installed, MyInfotopia may make changes to the affected computer's settings, changing the victim's homepage, search engine and Web browser security settings.

Dealing With MyInfotopia and Its Redirects

MyInfotopia should be uninstalled at once. Since MyInfotopia redirects and pop-ups may expose your computer to potentially unsafe content, malware researchers recommend the use of a strong security program to scan the affected computer. Prevent MyInfotopia infections by carefully observing the installation of all software on your computer and opting out of any unwanted components.

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