My Driving Directions

Users who browse dodgy sites like illicit streaming sites, shady dating platforms, adult content pages, etc. are likely to come across a variety of PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs). Among the most recently spotted PUPs is the My Driving Directions application. The authors of this application claim to provide users with helpful maps and navigation services. However, the My Driving Directions application does not offer any unique features to its users - all the tools and services offered are already available online freely. This means that users who want to take advantage of free navigation services do not need to install the My Driving Directions application or any other third-party program.

Changes the User's New Tab Page

If the users install the My Driving Directions application, they will notice that this add-on alters their Web browser settings automatically. This is a typical PUP behavior and can reduce the browsing quality of the users. The My Driving Directions add-on changes the new tab page of the user to This is an affiliated website that the My Driving Directions application is promoting. The goal is to boost the traffic of the website. If the user utilizes this page for searches, they may not get the most helpful or relevant results, as it is likely that the search engine is promoting sponsored content.

Fortunately, the My Driving Directions add-on is not linked to any malware and will not pose a threat to your system's health. However, if you have installed the My Driving Directions application on your system, it is best to remove it as soon as possible. Users can do this manually or with the help of a genuine anti-malware tool. It is advisable to do the latter as the security tool would be able to detect any additional files that may be linked to the PUP that a user may not spot.


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