Mshta.exe Description

The Mshta.exe executable file is associated with unwanted pop-up windows and potentially unsafe components. One particularly unique characteristic of symptoms associated with Mshta.exe is that many of Mshta.exe's pop-up windows and components are in Japanese. This makes infections associated with Mshta.exe particularly confusing for inexperienced computer users due to the fact that they may not have any idea of the contents of Mshta.exe's pop-ups. It is important to note that, despite Mshta.exe's pop-ups Japanese origin, there is little to differentiate Mshta.exe-related PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) and PUPs from other parts of the world.

PUPs and Pop-up Windows Related to Mshta.exe

Pop-up content associated with Mshta.exe is usually written in Japanese. These may be extremely annoying. While most PUPs are irritating and may prevent computer users from using their Web browser effectively, the Japanese content in Mshta.exe's associated PUPs makes them especially irritating and confusing to non-Japanese speakers. However, this may be a good thing. The main purpose of Mshta.exe's pop-ups is to trick inexperienced computer users into clicking on sponsored content and downloading potentially unsafe components. Non-Japanese speakers are less likely to fall for the scam and ending up visiting corrupted websites or installing threats on their computer.

Annihilating PUPs Associated with Mshta.exe

PUPs associated with Mshta.exe may keep the Mshta.exe memory process running continuously on the affected computer, preventing computer users from shutting down Mshta.exe. This means that Mshta.exe pop-ups may appear whenever the victim uses the affected Web browser. PUPs related to Mshta.exe may usually be difficult to remove manually and will often use tactics to prevent computer users from removing them completely. Fortunately, it is possible to remove PUPs associated with Mshta.exe with the use of a strong anti-malware application. It is important to note that the Mshta.exe memory process will run automatically when you start up the affected computer. Computer users can prevent this from happening by starting up Windows using Safe Mode. Windows Safe Mode may prevent components associated with Mshta.exe to block your security software and will also ensure that Mshta.exe and its associated memory processes not to run automatically.