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Montana Ransomware

The Montana Ransomware is a malware threat. Based on the LeakTheMall Ransomware, it may not be wholly unique, but it is still too threatening if it manages to sneak itself onto a computer. The threat will then proceed to encrypt all of the most widely used filetypes with uncrackable encryption algorithms. As an outcome, users will no longer be able to access their private or work-related files resulting in potentially disastrous consequences.

The first sign that most victims of the Montana Ransomware will notice is that the names of their files now include a new extension suddenly - '.montana.' In addition, every folder containing encrypted files also will now have a new text file dropped into it by the ransomware. These files, named '!HELP!.txt,' carry the ransom note with instructions from the criminals behind the Montana Ransomware.

Victims are supposed to make contact with the hackers by sending an email to either one of the two email addresses provided in the note - '' and '' Two images or text files can be attached to be decrypted for free. Numerous warnings also are included, but one stands out. If the note is to be believed, sensitive user information has been exfiltrated by the Montana Ransomware and is now available to the criminals. They threaten to release it to the media if the victim decided not to pay the ransom amount.

While the realization that you no longer have access to your own files can be shocking, it is not recommended even to initiate communication with people who are distributing malware actively. After all, any amount of money that is sent their way will only be used to further their threatening agenda.


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