MonitorMinor Description

The MonitorMinor application is classified as stalkerware by cybersecurity analysts. This tool is a legitimate service that can be misused with harmful intentions. The legitimate use of stalkerware applications usually involves parents keeping an eye on the online activity of their children to ensure their safety. However, stalkerware tools have the potency to be severely misused by ill-minded actors.

After studying the MonitorMinor tool, malware experts concluded that this is stalkerware is the most potent tool of its family, which means it has the most potential to be exploited by cyber crooks. Most stalkerware tools allow their operators to collect data about their target’s GPS location, as well as monitor their incoming and outcoming calls and text messages. However, the MonitorMinor tool goes a few steps further as it allows the individuals who operate it to obtain sensitive data from various instant messaging applications.

To the MonitorMinor stalkerware to operate as intended, the targeted device has to be rooted. Otherwise, the tool cannot do much harm. However, if the device in question has been rooted, then the MonitorMinor utility would use this opportunity to access the data of all applications - an action that would be impossible to complete on a un-rooted Android device. Once the MonitorMinor tool has gained access to the targeted rooted mobile device, it will be able to keep an eye on the following applications:

• Instagram.
• Snapchat.
• Facebook.
• Kik.
• Viber.
• Zalo.
• JusTalk.
• Skype.
• Hangouts.
• Hike News & Content.
• Gmail.

Having access to so many applications means that the operators of the MonitorMinor tool will be able to keep close track of the information of their targets. Furthermore, the MonitorMinor utility also can potentially collect the password or unlock a pattern for the user’s device. To make matters worse, the MonitorMinor tool also can deploy a keylogging feature, which can grab information from the target’s clipboard.

If the MonitorMinor utility has been installed on an Android device successfully, its operators will be able to:

  • Access the user’s contacts list.
  • Access the internal storage of the mobile device.
  • Access the device’s system log.
  • Access the browsing history of the device’s Chrome Web browser.
  • Access data regarding application usage.
  • Record audio via the microphone on the device.
  • Spy on the user via the camera on the device.
  • Make the device execute various commands via SMS.

According to reports, the MonitorMinor tool is most popular in India, with 14,7% of the total downloads. Next comes Mexico with 11,7% downloads, followed by Germany, Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom.