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Momys Offers Ads

By GoldSparrow in Ransomware

The Momys Offers software is promoted as a "shopping engine" that can help users shop smart and safe. Apart from the misspelled name, the Momys Offers program may deliver numerous advertisements to the computer user's screen. The ads by Momys Offers may be pushed to users in bulk, and that caused users to report its activity to computer security researchers. An analysis of the Momys Offers revealed that the program works a lot like iDeals and MarkKit, which are classified as adware. The official page for the Momys Offers can be found at but the download button does not work, and users may install the program via freeware bundles only. The page at says that the Momys Offers is lightning fast, provides price analysis, is cloud based and its developers commit to protect your privacy. However, the site is lacking essential information such as:

  • A list of available versions.
  • Contact information.
  • What advertising networks are used by the Momys Offers.
  • What security measures are implemented in the Momys Offers.
  • Who created the Momys Offers.

Cyber security analysts classify the Momys Offers as an adware that offers little to none information on its activity. The Momys Offers adware may be presented as a friendly shopping enhancer, but it may redirect users to online shops with a bad reputation and phishing pages. The Momys Offers adware may use device identifiers and data like your Internet history, downloads log and bookmarks to help third parties identify your machine on related sites. The Momys Offers adware may help advertising networks recognize your device and show targeted commercials when you load resources from third parties. There is no evidence that the Momys Offers adware includes a security filter, and it is possible that users may be shown corrupted ads, misleading information and invited to install riskware. The Momys Offers adware might affect Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. The Momys Offers adware may run in the system background and add a key in the Registry to make sure it is executed on the next system restart. Computer users that notice the Momys Offers running on their systems might want to install a credible anti-spyware scanner that can remove all components of the adware and the tracking cookies it may have downloaded locally.


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