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Moka Ransomware

By GoldSparrow in Ransomware

Moka Ransomware has been discovered to be a vicious malware threat that comes out of the Djvu family of ransomware. Such a family of ransomware is well-known for its aggressiveness in encrypting files on infected systems and making demands for the PC users to pay a substantial ransom fee of around $1,000 to restore the encrypted files.

The name of Moka Ransomware comes from the file extension used to append to all files that it encrypts, which is .moka. While each encrypted file is easily identified, they cannot be accessed unless one pays the $1,000 ransom to decrypt the files. However, those affected by Moka Ransomware can first remove the Moka Ransomware threat and then seek a system backup to restore individual files that the threat initially encrypted.

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