Mobile Adware

The Mobile Adware is an intrusive application whose primary purpose appears to be the delivery of unwanted and rather dubious advertisements to users. In most cases, software products, such as this one are not installed by users intentionally. Instead, they are added to software bundles as items preselected for installation or injected into fake installers. The reliance on such questionable tactics classifies these app applications as PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs).

While active, the Mobile Adware could cause various pop-ups, banners, notifications, etc. to frequently appear and disrupt any other activities carried out on the device. Users should be warned that interacting with the advertisements requires caution. The advertisements could promote technical support or phishing tactics, fake giveaways, suspicious online gaming/betting platforms, etc. They also could cause forced redirects to similarly questionable destinations.

However, PUPs are often equipped with additional, intrusive functions as well. These applications may monitor the users' browsing activities, collect device details, or even attempt to extract sensitive details from browsers' autofill data. Users risk having their browsing history, search history, clicked URLs, IP address, geolocation, banking information, account usernames/passwords, and other data, continuously transmitted to a remote server controlled by the PUP's operators.


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