MirxayzarAPCP Description

Users may encounter the MirxayzarAPCP application under several other names, such as PC Accelerate or PC Accelerator Pro. The application claims to offer useful functionality that will optimize the performance of the user's computer, boost its speed, delete broken Registry entries and more. Unfortunately, its true functionality is that of adware and a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program).

Indeed, the application could display various false positives to convince users that their computers are in a dire state. Then, to fix the numerous supposedly detected errors and issues, MirxayzarAPCP will offer users to buy a subscription for the premium version of the application.

It should be noted that the application also could be distributed through questionable methods, such as bundling or fake installers. The goal is to hide its installation from the user's attention. For example, in the bundling scheme, the PUP will be wrapped alongside another far more desirable software product. The intruder application will be injected as a pre-selected choice found under the 'Advanced or 'Custom' settings.

Users should not trust the claims of MirxayzarAPCP. Instead, they should remove the unwanted application from their computers and make sure to pay attention when downloading programs from unfamiliar sources to avoid getting other PUPs in the future.