Mimikatz or Hacktool.Mimikatz is not classified as high-risk tool although it can give an attacker access to a machine by corrupting determined capabilities in a Windows operating system. When a computer is attacked by Mimikatz, its controllers can inject DLLs into random processes, export security certificates, recover plain text passwords from Windows, disable certain logins and security services, erase some privileges and evade a few Group Policy settings.

If you suspect that Mimikatz can have infected your computer, there's an easy way to check it: use a dedicated scanner because it can detect and remove Mimikatz. However, if you are not infected by it and want to take measures to avoid infections, there are some strategies that you can implement, such as checking the source and reliability of emails from unknown sender, be cautious when sharing files, do not share to much information on instant messengers, which can prevent countless problems, including been infected by more sever threats.

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