'MetaMask Holders Rewards' Scam

'MetaMask Holders Rewards' Scam Description

MetaMask is a perfectly legitimate cryptocurrency wallet that users can use to interact with the Ethereum blockchain. In more simple terms, users can rely on MetaMask to access their Ethereum wallet and then initiate transactions. The page claiming to be running a 'MetaMask Holders Rewards' is completely fake and is considered a hoax website.

Users who land on the 'MetaMask Holders Rewards' scam will be shown a page that has been designed to mimic the real MetaMask site closely. The biggest red flag is the different URLs and the several minor differences that users who pay enough attention could be able to spot. The con page claims that users who log in through it will be eligible to receive up to 0.25 as a supposed reward for loyalty. As we said, these claims are completely false and should not be trusted in the slightest.

The goal of the 'MetaMask Holders Rewards' scam page is to collect the login credentials of the users who fall for its nefarious tricks. The site may ask users to provide their private key or Seed Phrase. Afterward, the fraudsters could be able to compromise the user's account and siphon funds away from it to wallets under their own control.