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MEOW Ransomware

MEOW ransomware is a malicious form of malware that can severely disrupt computer operations and data storage. It works by encrypting files on an infected system and appending the '.MEOW' extension to their filenames. Once the encryption is complete, MEOW drops a "readme.txt" file, which contains a ransom note. MEOW is based on the CONTI ransomware, and an example of how it modifies filenames is by renaming 'Photo1.jpg' to 'Photo1.jpg.MEOW,' 'Photo2.png' to 'Photo2.png.MEOW,' and so forth. It should be noted that MEOW can cause significant harm to a computer and its data, so it's important for users to be aware of this type of malware and take all necessary precautions to protect their systems.

The ransom note of MEOW Ransomware provides victims with multiple methods of contacting the threat actors. These include four email addresses: ',' ',' '' and ',' as well as two Telegram usernames (@meowcorp2022 and @meowcorp123). Victims must use these methods to contact the criminals in order to decrypt their files and gain access to their data once again.

It is important to remember that paying a ransom does not guarantee the safe recovery of the encrypted files. Paying ransomware can also increase the risk of future attacks as it reinforces the attackers' malicious activity and may indicate to them that you are willing to pay ransom in the future. Furthermore, malware authors may simply ignore payment requests or demand larger payments after they have already received payments from you. Therefore, it is best to take preventative measures ahead of time and avoid paying any form of ransom when possible.

If prevention fails and ransomware infects your system, there are other options available for recovering data without paying the ransom. Depending on the type of attack, removing or restoring affected files from external backups may be an option.

The full text of MEOW Ransomware note is:


Your files has been encrypted!

Need decrypt? Write to e-mail:

or Telegram:

Uniq ID:

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