MegaBackup Description

MegaBackup (PUP.MacOS.MegaBackup) seems like a legit and useful tool for Mac computers, yet, in fact, it is a rogue application that sets your system at a serious security risk. Researchers have classified MegaBackup as a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) as it uses dubious ways to get installed on a computer, usually without the user's consent.

Among MegaBackup's dangerous features is its ability to track your browsing history by recording the visited URLs, search terms entered into search engines, IP addresses, and other related information. The operators of the app are after sensitive and personal data as well - such data is then sold to third parties to generate revenues. Another annoying feature is the constant displaying of intrusive ads and banners on top of the websites' content. That not only deteriorates the user's browsing experience but can also lead to additional malware landing on the computer if the user clicks on any of these malicious links.

Although Megabackup has an official website from which it can be downloaded, most users get it installed on their computer unwillingly while installing other free software thanks to a stealthy method called "bundling." To avoid such undesired apps, always use the "Advanced" installation option to see exactly what will be installed on your computer. MegaBackup should be immediately removed from an infected computer since it can cause severe privacy issues.