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The MedusaHTTP botnet is a botnet which has been operational since 2017. This botnet is based on HTTP and is very well known in the world of cyber crime. The MedusaHTTP botnet is a project based on MedusaIRC – a rather old enterprise that relied on IRC (Internet Relay Chat) to receive commands from its operators. The new and improved variant MedusaHTTP is controlled via a control panel set up as a website.

Extreme Efficiency

The creator of the MedusaIRC had offered it as a service on an underground hacking forum where he posts under the alias ‘stevenkings.’ It would appear that this shady individual has been busy over the years as in 2017 they have posted an advertisement for their newly developed MedusaHTTP botnet. In the post, the creator of this botnet presents the potential clients with the control panel of the botnet as well as its abilities. The botnet is able to send requests to the target of the DDoS attack rapidly - a test published by the author showed MedusaHTTP achieving 3,000 requests per second with the use of only three bots. That makes the MedusaHTTP botnet extremely efficient in DDoS attacks despite using very minimal resources.

The MedusaHTTP botnet is capable of executing a variety of DDoS attacks as well as flood attacks. Furthermore, the author of the MedusaHTTP botnet offers to provide the customer with a payload builder and instructions on how to set up a C&C (Command & Control) server.

If your computer becomes a part of the MedusaHTTP botnet, you may notice it slightly slow down, but it is likely that most users may not even spot anything fishy going on. It is important to have a reputable anti-virus software suite installed on your PC to ensure the safety of your system.


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