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'McAfee - Act Now to Keep Your Computer Protected' Pop-Up Scam

Infosec researchers have uncovered a new deceiving variant that exploits the name of the legitimate McAfee company. Unlike many of the other tactics that rely on fake scare tactics consisting of completely fabricated security alerts or warnings presented as if coming from a reputable source, the information displayed in the 'McAfee - Act Now To Keep Your Computer Protected' scheme is mostly technically correct. The page implies that systems without dedicated anti-malware protection are intrinsically more vulnerable to malware infections.

However, this is still a scheme that has absolutely no connection to the actual McAfee Corp. Furthermore, the promised 60% discount on the price of a one-year subscription may not be real. It could simply be used as a lure to get users to click on the displayed 'Purchase Now' or 'Get Protection' buttons. Doing so causes a redirect to a different page that could be potentially unsafe. The likely goal of the fraudsters is to earn illegitimate commission fees based on the number of transactions completed via the hoax page.


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