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MBRlock Ransomware

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The MBRlock Ransomware is a ransomware Trojan that uses a strong attack to make the victims' computer inaccessible. The MBRlock Ransomware, unlike other ransomware Trojans, will affect the computer at a deep level, beyond the operating system, making it impossible to even turn on the infected computer once it has been infected. These attacks are not as common as ransomware Trojans that use encryption algorithms to make the victim's files inaccessible, or ransomware Trojans that display a lock screen that prevents the victims from accessing their desktops. However, PC security researchers have observed previous variants of these attacks, including such threats as the ONI Ransomware and the RedBoot Ransomware.

How the MBRlock Ransomware can Infect Your Machine

The MBRlock Ransomware is designed to target computer users in China. The MBRlock Ransomware is delivered to victims through corrupted messages on Qzone, a social network in China similar to Facebook. The MBRlock Ransomware's attack is designed to corrupt the infected computer's Master Boot Record (MBR), which the computer uses to access the files stored on its memory devices. Therefore, once the MBRlock Ransomware carries out its attack, the infected computer will be incapable of starting up. When a victim of the MBRlock Ransomware attack starts up the infected computer, a lock screen appears when the BIOS is loaded. This message will frequently include the string '易语言程序' and a skull created using ASCII characters. The MBRlock Ransomware's message reads as follows:

'Your disk have a lock!!!Please enter the unlock password
yao mi ma gei 30 yuan jia qq 2055965068'

This attack demands a small ransom of 30 Yuan, to be paid using a QQ Wallet. This ransom payment equivalent to approximately 5 USD, is not large particularly, although it is very unlikely that the cybercrooks will help victims restore access to their computer after an attack. Despite the small amount of the MBRlock Ransomware attack, the MBRlock Ransomware attack will lock access to the infected computer completely. Only victims with the unlock password will be able to enter the infected computer.

Recovering from a MBRlock Ransomware Attack

Fortunately, PC security researchers have been able to recover the password that is needed to recover from the MBRlock Ransomware attack. The recovery password to regain access to the infected computer is 'ssssss.' Once the victims of the MBRlock Ransomware attack can restore access to the infected computer, backups should be created. Malware researchers advise computer users to reformat their hard drives and reinstall their operating system after backing up the files on the affected computer. When threats like the MBRlock Ransomware make changes to the MBR and other important system components, it can be difficult to fully restore the affected computer without taking drastic measures to ensure that all data has been safeguarded.

Preventing a MBRlock Ransomware Attack

Since the MBRlock Ransomware is being distributed through the use of corrupted social network messages currently, it is important that computer users learn to spot these tactics and take appropriate action. Computer users should refrain from clicking on unsolicited links or opening unsolicited attachments both in email and in instant messages on social media. Always use a good security program that is fully up-to-date to protect your computer. A combination of caution when browsing the Web and strong security software is the best protection against these threats. Although, in this case, PC security researchers have been capable of providing the password needed to restore access to the affected computer, this is uncommon. Because of this, it is crucial that computer users establish a regular backup of their data, which can minimize the potential fallout of an attack like the one executed by MBRlock Ransomware.

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