is a browser hijacker site that may have associated components that load on a computer causing unwanted alerts or notifications to pop up. In many cases, the alerts will interrupt or intrude upon the surfing of the Internet using various popular web browser applications.

The components associated with may come in the form of web browser extensions or add-ons that modify Internet settings. The modification of such settings may allow certain alerts to appear that attempt to get permission from the computer user to display additional notifications.

The hijacker components may affect both Mac and Windows computers and are mostly found to attack the Google Chrome web browser application. Those looking to stop the repeated alerts or notifications from will want to find all of the associated components or browser extensions, which may have loaded automatically with the installation of freeware or bundled applications, and eliminate them.

Use of an antimalware resource will suffice to rid a system of the components allowing the computer user to then restore their desired Internet settings within their web browser program.


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