The website may promise its users useful tools or engaging content, but it will deliver none. This is due to the fact that the site is nothing more than a fake page that is designed to attempt to hijack your Web browser notifications specifically. Dodgy pages like the site take over user's Web browser notifications to flood them with unwanted advertisements.

If you launch the site, you will be asked to click on the 'Allow' button on your screen immediately. This is a well-known trick used by countless shady websites known as the 'Click Allow to Continue' tactic. Users who fall for this trick will allow the page to send them Web browser push-notifications. You can rest assured that permitting the page to send you notifications via your Web browser will become very tedious quickly. This site will not hesitate to abuse the permission and spam you with advertisements non-stop. Even closing your Web browser will not help you – this fake site is known to deliver push-notifications even if the users have closed their browser. It is important to note that it is best to avoid engaging with the advertisements spawned by the site. Dubious websites like the page tend to promote unsafe products and low-quality services.

To put an end to the spam advertisement launched by the site, you should open your Web browser settings and revoke the permissions of this dodgy page.


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